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David Stingl

Tauler E301 designed for REVO Mo...

Tauler E301 designed for REVO Motors. Designed in the memory of Johannes Tauler. It is not meant to be futuristic. It is not meant to change the world. It is not meant for art galleries. It is meant to be desired and to be driven.
Concept 3D Car Design Sketch Tauler

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  • profile pic ItyelBiletzky says Herr David Stiing Dass ist sehr gute,aber ist haben die VSA styling, wass glauben sie?.  
  • profile pic DavidStingl says @ityelbiletzky Verzeihen Sie mir, aber ich verstehe ihr ueberhaupt nicht. My apologies, but I don't understand you, maybe try to phrase in English.  
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