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About brief is a showcase community of transportation , automobile designers and Automobile design enthusiast. can be used to promote car & bike design work, get inspirations, receive inquiries.

About Membership

Membership requires a facebook account with active email address. We made this simple so as to keep the integrity of facebook login. details found in facebook will be automatically added to account, profile picture, bio, friends list, post.

About Upload Content

All uploaded work requires approvals from automotto editor. this helps us keep the site with its promise to designers. But Membership is free and any member can follow, like, collect, share and curate the work being posted.

About Approval Condition

Conditions for approvals and usage in
1) Post your own work.
2) Post your own portfolio.
3) Posting others work or copyrighted content will be removed on genuine reporting.
4) Post transportation related content only.
5) Posting Moods and Theme other than vehicle image should be realted with a portfolio.
6) Do not post Moods and theme as single post.
7) Single post should be having a vehicle content.
8) Posting inappropriate content may be removed as per terms of service. has final decision on whether content is inappropriate.
reposting same content after removal will violate condition repeatedly and will lead to account suspension.
9) members can report on inappropraite content using the flag or email .
10) Do not Spam.

About Community Service

Acitivites allowed in
1) Public can View public permitted post content.
2) Members can View public and member permitted post content.
3) Members can Like, Comment, Save, Share post or portfolio as per content permission.
4) Members can change permission of their post to public, member, follower or private.
5) Members can have their own profile with Brief of Biodata.
6) Members can set view permission on Profile, Biodata to public, member, follower or private.
7) Members can contact other members using profile contact.
8) Members can set permission on contact to members, follower or private.
9) Members can follow other Members and get notifications.
10) Members get Notifications of messages using contact.
11) Members can report on inappropraite content using the flag or email
12) Members get Rated and Ranked as per their activity.
13) Members get featured as per their Ranks and Rating.

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